Now a day Indian people knows the value of farming. They are finding ways to utilize natural resources. Sandalwood is become most famous and familiar for farmers in India and globally. In ancient time sandalwood was utilize only in ayurvedic medicine but now people know the importance of sandalwood and use in many circumstance. Sandalwood is making place in Indian and global market with increasing demand for it. Here sandalwood has importance in Hindu religious. Continuous harvesting of sandalwood has decreased its supply in domestic market. By looking its increasing demand sandalwood farms are developing day by day. Mostly in India two types of sandalwood is found white sandalwood and red sandalwood. Both have demand in medicine and aromatic industries.

Sandalwood Oil Benefits For Skin

Sandalwood oil is well known for its skin cleansing property. It makes your skin smooth by its cicatrizant property. Oil is essentially use to remove blemishes, ugly scars, spots from the skin.

Cures Skin Infections And Itching

Non sticky property of oil is makes us convenient to use in summer season. It is use to reduce eruption and inflammation from skin.

Prevents Skin Aging

To make long lasting glowing effects on skin sandalwood oil is use regularly.

Used As An Antiseptic Agent

Sandalwood antibacterial property make it anti septic agent. Use as antiseptic on injuries on skin.

Boosts Renal Health

Oil is well known to boost renal health by its cooling effect on body. regular consumption of oil will makes passage of urine easier and makes our nervous system better than before.

Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control

Consumption of sandalwood oil will regulate your blood pressure. Its hyptensive component keeps our blood pressure in normal.

Drives Away Stress And Anxiety

Due to its seductive nature it has calming effect on your nervous system. It helps to reduce tension, fear and makes our brain relax.

Helps Boost Memory

It helps to increase your concentration and memory by stimulating brain cells.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is It legal to grow/sell Sandalwood in India ?

In past years sandalwood tree was government property but rules get change. Now sandalwood can be cultivated privately by any one on its land.

Can Sandalwood cultivation really fetch crores of rupees?

Yes sandalwood can make crores of profit. It has huge demand in international market and supply is less than demand. So it makes huge profit.

Is it possible to harvest Sandalwood in 15 years ?

Yes sandalwood can harvest in 15 years. It get mature in 15 year and we can extract sandalwood heartwood from tree. Mostly sandalwood tree depends on host plant for its nutrients. When it get most get nutrient what it require it will get mature within 15 year to harvest.

What is the difference between Indian and Australian Sandalwood?

Out of 15 different species two main species of sandalwood has demand in world market. Indian sandalwood and Australian sandalwood has demand in world market. Australian sandalwood covered over half global market. It is mainly use in to make incense in china. it produce very low quantity of oil than Indian sandalwood because it is harvested in very young age. Rather Indian sandalwood has also huge demand in global market. It is harvested at the age of 15 years which produce quality heartwood and can extract quality oil from it.

How much oil does one tree produce?

Indian sandalwood produce 3 to 5 percent of oil from its heartwood. it is harvested at the age of 15 years so it produce quality oil. Australian sandalwood gives 3 to 3.5 percent oil from its heartwood.

When is the Sandalwood seed produced and what is it used for?

Sandalwood starts ripening seeds at 4 years of age. it is supply for sandalwood nursery. Seeds also use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry. It is also use in food industry by its high level protein.

Sandalwood Products

Case Study

Indian Sandalwood Farms

Sandalwood need support of other crops to offer profits in future. Dragon fruit apt as intercrop Backing from other plants and sincere look after can only fetch good profits from sandalwood tree after 15 years of plantation. Mr. Amarendra Chekuri, Founder Indian Sandalwood Farms shares some vital aspects of sandalwood farming.

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